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Selections: Saoirse

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, ahead of this month’s Body Movements festival, Saoirse spotlights trippy techno, swinging acid and wild, weird electronic music

A Saoirse DJ set is an essential experience for any raver worth their salt. The Dublin-born, London-based DJ is synonymous with electrifying, eclectic mixes that weave their way between house, electro, jungle and more, always offering up just the right tune at just the right moment. 

Having focused on production during lockdown, Saoirse is now making noise in that sphere too. July saw her debut solo EP drop on her brand-new label TRUST, so named to reflect “trust being the most important feeling we as humans must possess”, and Saoirse finally being able to trust herself as an artist, she explains. “During lockdown I was able to commit myself fully to writing music,” she says. “When you dedicate yourself to something truly, then you begin to trust the output. If you like it, then why shouldn’t others? But that took me a long, long time to admit.”

From the hypnotic swagger of opening title track ‘Trust’, through the stripped-back jack of ‘(.)(.)’, propulsive ‘Drop The Bass’, and quirky ‘La Burbuja’, the EP is very much geared towards the dancefloor — something Saoirse says will continue throughout future releases, on which she hopes to collaborate with “friends and emerging artists”.

On Saturday 9th October, Saoirse will launch another big project: Body Movements festival. Taking over venues across Hackney Wick in east London, the event will celebrate LGBTQI+ electronic music culture, bringing together promoters such as He.She.They, Pxssy Palace, Herrensauna, Bitch, Please!, and Homobloc.

“I’d noticed how many incredible queer parties, collectives and artists there were across the UK and Europe while touring. I wanted to facilitate something that brought them all together to take up a much bigger space, to show the world that queer clubbing is stronger than ever and the talent that lies within it needs to be recognised,” Saoirse tells us. “It was imperative that the lineup and sound represented a true picture of what queer clubbing is across all tastes of electronic music. We are super-proud of the lineup, and any promoter that ever states there just aren’t enough queer, trans or non-binary acts to choose from are really not looking hard enough.”

Artists on the bill range from rising stars like A.G and Angel D’Lite to veterans of the scene like DJ Paulette and Hannah Holland, North American frontrunners CCL, Juliana Huxtable and Jasmine Infiniti, to London stalwarts like Gidëon and Shy One, plus previous DJ Mag cover star Eris Drew. “I’d like to see a similar concept replicated across all cities around the world,” says Saoirse. “We need a clubbing ‘pride’ that promotes quality music and grassroots collectives around the globe.”

Learn more about Body Movements and buy tickets here.

Dig into Saoirse’s Selections below.

Temple Rat
‘Bayan Metropolis’ [FuFu Records]

“Fast, trippy, mind-bending, stripped-back techno, only allowed on a killer soundsystem; and if you do it at the right time, then you will create a very special moment for the dancefloor. This label FuFu Records has a whole range of unique electronic music — check it.”

‘Jonas Algorhythm’ [Warning]

“Swingy, fun, acid basslines, what else could you expect from OCB? I’ve been climbing into the higher tempos lately, and this always gets some whoops and whistles every time I play it. OCB knows how to use that swing hard.” 

Tim Jackiw
‘Stellar Cartography’

“Ethereal and melodic, it kind of messes with your head with this off-key bassline: this one goes on a real journey. Tim Jackiw knows how to make really epic music that goes to many different spaces in one song. Reach for the lasers!”

Bliss Inc.
'Hacking The Planet’ [Radiant Love]

“Bliss Inc. is one of my favourite producers as of late – a mix of techy house, prog, techno all in one. Be sure to check out the label they find themselves on, Radiant Love — killer music and an amazing party in Berlin for people from all walks of life.”

Code Operator
‘She Is Taken A Divot’ [Interactive Test]

“Absolutely wild, weird electronic music that has your head spinning. Imagine it as the sun comes up in a hazy mist at a festival in the mountains. Really love how humble this one is — unpredictable, and stays in your head for days. One of the finest labels to ever exist too.”

John King
‘Munich’ [Dark Entries Records]

“If you like synthwave with ’80s vocals, then this one is for you. Produced before I was born, in 1983, by John King — one half of the Dust Brothers — this came out on a wonderful V/A on Dark Entries. Plenty more new wave on this release too, if that’s your bag.”

Anthony Naples
‘Purple Iris’

“One of my fave tracks from one of the most understated albums of the last few years. Anthony Naples creates a mix between tech-house and techno, with a loopiness that makes your head spin. I play this one nearly every set — cannot rate this album enough.”

DJ N**** Fox ‘
'5 Violinos’ [Príncipe]

“Beautiful textures on this slow-tempo number — super-sexy warmup tackle. DJ N**** Fox’s sound dynamics always blow me away; you’re hearing sounds in every part of the spectrum, it keeps your ears constantly interested. This is one cut from the incredible album, ‘Cartas Na Manga’.”

‘Times Is Changing (feat. Yukihito Tsuge)’ [biosoft records]

“Perhaps one of my favourite tracks I’ve bought in a long time. Asian musical influences, with just the most beautiful synthy harmonies. I get lost in Cygnus’s back catalogue often, but this one is a true standout. He knows how to work those pads, oh lord! Electronic music at its best.”

‘Emergency’ [HAUS of ALTR]

“A tribal builder that makes people on the dancefloor dance better than they were a few minutes previously. Proceeds from this on the Haus Of Altr V/A went to For The Gworls, Afrotectopia, and Afrorack. SUPPORT BLACK ARTISTRY!”