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These are this week's vital Bandcamp releases

As a show of solidarity to support the artists and labels impacted through the global pandemic, we are launching a weekly roundup of the most vital Bandcamp releases, which will go out every Friday on

The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has had a devastating impact on our scene, leading to the cancellation of countless club nights and festivals across the world.

Artists have been heavily impacted too, having their main revenue streams disconnected for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this week, Bandcamp announced it would be waiving its revenue share for all sales today (Friday 20th March) between midnight and midnight PST, in support of artists.

The online music store and platform will not be taking any cut from purchases made, in turn offering a bigger payout to record labels and their artists. 

As a show of solidarity to support the artists and labels impacted through the global pandemic, we are launching a weekly roundup of the most vital Bandcamp releases, which will go out every Friday on

The list demonstrates a lot of what there is to love about our scene, with artists, labels and promoters pulling together to help those that need it most in these tumultuous times.

Check out this week's vital Bandcamp releases below, as picked by DJ Mag's editorial team, including unreleased Skream productions from '02-'03 and a previously unreleased Joy O gem, new music from Plastician, TSVI, Big Miz, Fixate, and much, much more.

Skream 'Unreleased Classics Vol. 1 2002 - 2003'

Has anything been more Skream than releasing a load of music he didn't even have the original files for? Produced strictly with “samples and the famous TS404 plug-in only”, this LP holds some of South London's finest, early '00s pirate material.

V/A ‘New York Dance Music’

There’s an incredible amount of dance music pouring out of NYC that sounds like nothing else around right now, and this comp brings together many of the most exciting proponents of that. Make sure to check AceMoMA’s head-twisting ‘Booty Optics’ and the gorgeous juke of ‘Kid Cutty (Pissy Pampel)’ by OSSX.

Joy Orbison ‘GR Etiquette ('09 mix)’

We’ll forgive Joy O for being a massive fibber and saying this rarest of gems was lost to the ages because a) We FINALLY have it, and b) All the proceeds are going to Southwark Food Bank. Expect to hear this in every home-streamed set from now on.

object blue 'mini mixtape vol. 1'

object blue infuses four R&B and pop jams with her signature, glitched electronics in an exclusive edits mixtape. The producer breathes new life into Ariana Grande's 'Into You', contrasting the soft vocals with harsh beats, and layers punchy synth on Cassie's 2005 track 'Me & U'.


The first of three (THREE!) huge compilations from the Lobster Theremin camp touting that original rave mantra of Peace Love Unity Respect. This one alone boasts bedroom-rattling house from TRP, panic-buying jungle (yep that’s a genre now) from Dwarde & Tim Reaper, a balcony-party trance banger from DJ Mantis. Profits go to mental health charity Mind, homeless charity Shelter, and contributing artists.

Ship Sket ‘No Respawns’

It’s no secret that LCY has a penchant for tunes designed to scare the living shit out of you, and the new EP from Ship Sket on her brilliant Szns7n label does just that. Chewed up, spat out 140 mayhem is the name of the game, with the title track taking the crown.

Big Miz 'Pick 'n' Mix'

Glasgow's Big Miz delivers his first full-length release since his debut on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, coming through with a mixed bag of vibrant house, killer remixes, and plenty of acid lines.

Lighght ‘They Are Just Bangers Bro...’

Full name, ‘They Are Just Bangers Bro, Please Don't Think Too Hard About It, Bro You Gotta Stop Thinking, Please Bro Come On’, we don’t think this one really needs much more explaining than that. Essential.

Pépe ‘Linda’s Retreat’

Luscious deep house now available digitally direct from the Valencian producer himself. If, like so many, you’ve been feeling sick, anxious or angry with our recent global predicament, chuck a Euro Pépe’s way and let this one wash over you. Utter bliss.

Fixate ‘Focus’/‘Hold That Thought’/’Tic Tac’

The Exit Records upstart turns up the heat with a simply ma-hoo-sive, wobbly juke joint (‘Focus’), plus two tracks built around the kind of percussive wonkiness that’s made him such a favourite in the halftime scene.

Scratchclart ‘DRMTRK EP IX’

Scratcha’s ‘DRMTRK’ series is always a buy-on-sight affair, and this latest is no different — with the added emphasis to buy it now while he’ll make the most money. Expect more murky, UK takes on gqom with a dancefloor-focused funky Bakongo remix and an intense rework from Nazar.

Parallel Minds ‘Eight Two Five’

Label heads Daniel 58 and Yohei S. offer up two a piece. The former shares uptempo percussive magic while the latter slows the pace for added swagger, all tied together with an irresistible sense of psychedelia.

TSVI ‘Old/Unreleased’

Nervous Horizon co-founder TSVI is one of UK club music’s key players (Not familiar? Check out our full scene feature.) and this EP showcases exactly why that is. Global sounds focused through a lens of Italian immediacy and grubby London raves. Brilliant.

Polytunnel ‘The Drip’

Glasgow’s Polytunnel is very much one to watch right now, as displayed by this EP of contemplative electro. While the knockout kicks and sonic squelch might draw more attention initially, the real treat here are the swathes of fuzzy ambience that wrap it all up.

Plastician 'Deep In The Drives'

Croydon dubstep pioneer, Plastician, delivers a selection of dark 140 wobblers and grime instrumentals from the archives, most of which have never seen a digital release. A bundle of rarities from one of London's electronic music greats.

Ize ‘This Is Not A Drill’

His ‘Ize Cream Man’ set might not be out until June but this first cut is available now and just too bonkers not to include. Imagine a weaponised jungle remix of Death Grips and you might come somewhere near the level of devastation this promises to deal out.

Helm ‘Saturnalia’

Music to terrify your neighbours with... in all seriousness, there are savage moments to these three grand, ambient pieces, which were recorded during the final moments of Milan’s Saturnalia festival, but also sections of immense cinematic beauty too. Sit back and absorb.

V/A ‘This Album Will Self Destruct In 24h’

Diffrent Music boss Dexta digs through the vaults to put together a compilation of VIPs and bonus tracks from throughout the label’s 10-year history, with all profits going straight to the artists. This one is only available while the Bandcamp fees are off so move quickly!

DJ Swisha

Six tracks, 24 hours (fewer now, admittedly) to buy them. DJ Swisha aims to make you move throughout, whether through the heady vibes of ‘Nine Dollar Beer in Bushwick’ or pummeling energy of ‘Self Charging’.

Dom & Roland 'Nanobugs'/'Nanobugs Dub'

The early days of neuro perfectly captured the concept of speeding through the futuristic, often sinister, world of cyberspace. So now that we’re all stuck on the Internet 24/7, what could be better than a digital copy of this year-2000 heavyweight roller from Dom. (Also check out his ‘Can’t Punish Me ‘98 Dubplate’.)

Loraine James ‘FYAI Demos + Ditched Album’

It probably doesn’t need saying after she topped our Best Albums of 2019 list, but we can’t get enough of Loraine James. Turns out there was a whole extra album of quirky, thoughtful moods, which she’s combined here with some similarly absorbing demos. (Without baiting her up too much, go straight to ‘My Future’ for your pop-sample fix.)

Owlybeats ‘The Dark (Volume 2)’

Why have one battle-ready, trap-meets-grime gut-puncher when you could have five? Bolton’s finest delivers just that to follow up 2019’s first volume. If you ever fancied yourself a bit of an MC, now’s the time, and here are the beats, to get started.

V/A ‘Mother’s Finest Compilation’

Berlin’s Mother’s Finest parties have become the stuff of legend, and with the sudden forced closure of clubs and shutdown of parties this comp couldn’t come at a more essential time — so show some love! Forward-thinking material from the likes of Laurel Halo, Karima F and Hodge.

Jon E Cash ‘4 Ward’

Today’s Bandcamp scrum has been a particular source of old gold. This 2003 drop from the Black Ops founder pairs the untouchable vibes of UKG with a gnarly low-end and four-to-the-floor stomp.

New Members ‘Deep In The Night’

Ok so the full release isn’t actually out until 27th April, but if you pre-order now, then near-10 minutes of trance-meets-speed-garage glory — aka title track ‘Deep In The Night’ — is yours to annoy your neighbours with tonight!