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With Miller Genuine Draft

Since winning Miller SoundClash in Las Vegas last summer, Turkish DJ, Jaffer has been incredibly busy!

"After being the winner of Miller SoundClash, I started learning production and harmony from some very famous artists in Turkey," he tells us. "I've been working at least 5 hours a day for the record that I plan to release through the contract I have signed with Aftercluv Dancelab."

This Aftercluv Dancelab release – which forms part of the Miller SoundClash prize package – is clearly a big step for the talented DJ.

"I think this record will show my passion for house music," he tells us, "I am very excited for the day it will be in stores!"

It's refreshing to see the work that Jaffer is putting into the production side of his career in order to release his first single. And while he clearly understands the importance of producing music, Jaffer remains a DJ first and foremost. And since returning from Las Vegas, his gig schedule has been busier than ever.

"I am now a resident DJ on Future Generation, which is one of Turkey's most important radio stations," Jaffer shares. "I've performed in some of Istanbul's best clubs and I'm really excited as I'll be playing at Electronica Festival in Istanbul this July.”

In another exciting development, Jaffer has been working with one of Turkey's biggest DJs, Ilker Aksungar, and his Housekeeper label.

"As a very fresh DJ, I knew Miller SoundClash would be a jump-start in my music career," Jaffer reminisces. "Playing in Vegas, in front of many important judges, in such a dream atmosphere was a once in a life time experience!"

Jaffer also told us a little about the style of music he loves, and the chance he took by going against the typical musical style of Las Vegas.

"Actually, I gambled by playing tech house," he said, "but, the jury and the audience was impressed and, of course, I won!"

 "Miller SoundClash was a one-of-a-kind experience for me," He enthuses. "Now, I have a very big opportunity, I hope to release my record very soon, keep performing at clubs and festivals and work with the Housekeeper label.

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