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Bastille's Miller Music Amplified playlist

With Miller Genuine Draft

Ahead of their Miller Music Amplified headline performance in Buenos Aires, Bastille have curated a playlist to capture their influences and current passions. It's a diverse list, encompassing their wide and eclectic listening tastes. So sit back, turn up and enjoy cross-genre cuts accompanied by Dan from Bastille's commentary...

Childcare 'Magazines'

May 'Falling'

"I think May has a classic, timeless voice that is totally haunting and beautiful. She's only just started releasing music but I'm so excited to hear what she does next."

Rondo Mo 'Gold & Fire'

S-X 'Stay'


Perfume Genius 'Slip Away'

Muse 'Thought Contagion'

Lizzo 'Boys'

John Hopkins 'Emerald Rush'

"John Hopkins is one of the best producers in the world and his music is so emotional and evocative. I don't listen to a huge amount of instrumental music, but I've had this song and album on repeat for months."

Sigrid 'High Five'

"I love how playful and fun Sigrid's music is whilst also feeling raw and having loads of attitude. It helps that she's brilliant live and her vocals are really great." 

Nao 'Another Lifetime'

Rationale 'Prodigal Son'

"Rationale's voice is unlike anyone else, and he's a fantastic producer and songwriter. We toured with him and his band last year and were blown away by his show every single night."

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