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With Miller Genuine Draft

Tell us in one sentence who you are and where are you from?
"I’m DJ Oscar Bohorquez, from Lima – Peru."

Where did your love of music first come from?
"From the notes on my father´s guitar, when I was a little kid, I (we) knew that my life would be around music. It´s something that´s in my veins and is also a bit inherited from my family, which I consider a blessing."

How long have you been DJing?
"14 years dedicated to being a DJ."

Do you produce music also?
"Yes, DARKNESS E.P. (by little cat records) is my first hit."

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
"I have 2 moments: opening for Tiesto around 2006 (Chile – Espacio Riesgo) and when my track Darkness got into the Top 100 tracks at Beatport on its first week."

Tell us about the success as a DJ you’ve had in your own country.
"I´ve had the opportunity to play all around Peru and, furthermore, in great locations. Cusco is always magical, Peru´s North Shore (Mancora) are to dream for, Arequipa and archeological Inca sites had great mystic.

How does it feel to win your local Miller SoundClash competition? Tell us about your experience in the competition so far.
It´s a personal achievement in my career. The competition was very hard with great DJs and great production; each round was really hard to win and, in the end, to raise the Soundclash trophy was an amazing thing."

How much does it mean to you to have made it to this stage of Miller SoundClash?
"A dream come true!"

How do you plan to stand out over the other DJs in Las Vegas? How will you be preparing for the finale?
"I´ll do what I am: full energy and good vibes!"

What makes you unique compared to the other international finalists?
"I think that since I produce my own track/music I´ll have different sounds and rhythms vs the rest of the guys."

Las Vegas is the EDM capital of the USA, with major DJs playing every weekend. If you could meet and hang out with one of these DJs in Vegas, who would it be and why?
"Richie Hawtin; he´s a great DJ and …. why not!"

Who from dance music’s elite do you most respect and take inspiration from?
"John Digweed"

How important is it for competitions like Miller SoundClash to give aspiring DJs the chance to show their talent to the world?
"It´s really important for us to get the opportunity to show our talent outside our country; I´m sure it will provide me with a wider market, musical and personal approach/experience."

Tell us a bit about your home country - how is the electronic music scene where you are from?
"I´m from Lima – Peru. We have a very solid electronic music scene, all the DJ elites of the world have come around here! We have big festivals such as Creamfields (for 10 years!) and now (Road to) Ultra and others. We´re a very nurtured and knowledgeable public when it comes to electronic music and it´s important to say that, in Lima, you dance till the sun comes up."

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