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With Miller Genuine Draft

Tell us in one sentence who you are and where are you from?
"I’m Tim Gim from Buenos Aires Argentina."

Do you produce music also?
"Yes I do."

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
"DJing in Punta del Este (Uruguay) for 5000 people."

Tell us about the success as a DJ you’ve had in your own country.
"I am mostly considered an underground DJ, but whenever I perform everyone congratulates me so I’m looking forward to heading out onto the main stage!"

How much does it mean to you to have made it to this stage of Miller SoundClash?
"It’s another amazing stage of my career and another step closer to becoming a pro DJ."

How do you plan to stand out over the other DJs in Las Vegas? How will you be preparing for the finale?
"I will try to connect with people on the dance floor and party party party!!!!"

What makes you unique compared to the other international finalists?
"I try to do something different from others, always."

Las Vegas is the EDM capital of the USA, with major DJs playing every weekend. If you could meet and hang out with one of these DJs in Vegas, who would it be and why?
"Diplo, definitely! I love the energy in all of his shows."

Who from dance music’s elite do you most respect and take inspiration from?
"I respect the dedication and determination of great DJs, and I draw inspiration from that."

How important is it for competitions like Miller SoundClash to give aspiring DJs the chance to show their talent to the world?
"Very important, it gives more DJs a chance worldwide and gives you the ability to do perform in front of thousands."

Tell us a bit about your home country - how is the electronic music scene where you are from?
"There are very good DJs and parties throughout Argentina, the scene is growing insanely."

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