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Laurel Halo & Hodge

‘Tru’/’Opal’/’The Light Within You’

Livity Sound
On their collaborative EP for Livity Sound, electronic innovators Laurel Halo and Hodge show that optimism does not require a gaudy major key. Over three electrified club cuts, the duo merge their shared mastery of kaleidoscopic melodies and propulsive, intricate beats, resulting in a release that feels triumphant and bright, but never saccharine. ‘Tru’ opens up proceedings with foggy electronics, sharp hi-hats and a punchy kick pattern before blossoming into something much more colourful and unique thanks to its swerving melodic passage. ‘Opal’ is pure Livity Sound, which is no surprise given that it’s Hodge’s sixth time appearing on his local Bristol label. Sporadic kicks and shakers propel bursts of resonant, call-and-response synths that will be familiar to anyone who enjoyed Halo’s 2017 Hyperdub opus ‘Dust’. And ‘The Light Within You’ is another testament to both producers’ ability to create real feeling amid intricacy. An almost robotic spoken vocal — “All good things come to me” — takes on a therapeutic, hopeful quality as Halo and Hodge’s sense of melodic subtlety and depth wraps itself around a rain-like rhythm.