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20 Years Cocoon Recordings

Cocoon Recordings
The PR accompanying Cocoon’s latest rightfully points out that 20 years is a long time in techno. If the imprint remains so prominent in the zeitgeist, it is a testament to both the enduring vision of Sven Väth, plus the canny A&R that’s kept a finger on the pulse of an ever- evolving scene. As such, it’s curious more effort wasn’t made to mark its 20-year anniversary, in the form of at least a few retrospective mixes to accompany the 15 exclusive cuts assembled here. The instinct to continue reaching into the future is the correct one though, and these selections are genuinely versatile; from big melodic records to the deeper shades of techno. In this regard, ‘20 Years Cocoon Recordings’ punches above its weight. Though given the label’s heritage, something a touch more ambitious would have been both warranted and welcome. ANGUS THOMAS PATERSON