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Pauline Anna Strom

Angel Tears In Sunlight

RVNG Intl.
While tragic that a collection envisaged as a return to music turned out to be a posthumous release, the final album by Bay Area musician Pauline Anna Strom — who passed in 2020 — nonetheless leaves an indelible impression. Though she’d stopped releasing music by the end of the ‘80s, ‘Angel Tears In Sunlight’ is evidence that the decades Strom spent cohabiting with her pet iguanas and synthesizers left the born-blind composer level- headed and very much in-tune with her gear. It remains miraculous to think of a blind synth player operating their machinery, and the sounds produced by Strom clearly stem from a long-nurtured intuition for the machines themselves. These nine hopeful instrumentals are a fitting elegy to and by Strom, building a peaceful tropical paradise of keyboards we can safely assume her pet iguanas will find soothing in her absence. You can too, of course. TRISTAN BATH