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Anjunadeep 12

Last year’s ‘Anjunadeep 11’ was a revelation, among the most resonant instalments to date, syncing uncannily with the melancholy descending alongside lockdown at the time. Its follow-up leans into the same evolution on the Anjunadeep formula — a broad mix of atmospheric interludes, sumptuous vocals, and a trove of hypnotic progressive bombs. There are a whopping 56 new tracks spread across three mixes, each released separately in spaced intervals, a clever strategy to maximise attention on social and streaming platforms. Though, with this rise in quantity, there are some diminished returns. Careful curation is swapped for a glut of new tunes, with all three mixes failing to crack that elusive flow-state. However, this feels like nit-picking when even the filler is produced to a rich standard. Its standout moments of nightclub euphoria and deep ambience are sublime. ANGUS PATERSON