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Anjunadeep pres. Reflections Vol. 2

After a decade of releases, the annual Anjunadeep mix series remains one of the best out there, and one of the key ways it’s maintained this quality is by dipping increasingly into sumptuous ambient material to help thread a proper journey through its club-focused peaks. The label’s accomplishments in the ambient niche are impressive, hosting excellent albums from artists like Tokyo’s Lycoriscoris. However, the ‘Reflections’ series hasn’t proved the best showcase so far. Several of these selections were featured on ‘Anjunadeep 11’ last year, though don’t have the same impact in the unmixed format. Meanwhile, highlights from Luigi Sambuy get lost amongst the filler. Placed alongside Kompakt’s ‘Pop Ambient’ series, it’s clear Anjunadeep is less equipped to present its ambient offerings in an unmixed format. Short of the trademark dreamy deepness we love from the label. ANGUS THOMAS PATERSON