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The brilliant third release on Peruvian production crew Dengue Dengue Dengue’s label comes from a promising solo artist. QOQEQA is Daniel Valle-Riestra, best known as half of Animal Chuki. Like the label bosses, QOQEQA’s electronic productions draw influences from Latin American sounds, merging traditional organic rhythms with machine beats. On ‘Kilo’, plaintive riffs echo in seas of reverb over Afro-Latin drums, sub-bass hits and chants, like a cumbia track played on the deck of a space station. The futuristic ‘Kshanti’ has an oppressive synth pad laid over tapped-out hand percussion, while ‘CalaXucla’ is even more dubby, with its delayed plucks and mournful accordion-like electronics, and ‘Tutume’ makes a feature of Andean panpipes amid its broken beat groove. Influenced by Latin dance music it may be, though the general mood is more saudade than celebration. BEN MURPHY