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Ready for the after party? WE ARE!

In our Apple Music playlist series, some of our favourite DJs guide us through a selection of their ultimate afterparty tunes. This week's it's Franky Rizardo. 

In celebration of Franky mixing the latest 'Defected In The House' compilation, we asked him to carefully dig through his collection. 

Here's what Franky had to say on his selection - "The best after parties are the unplanned ones, and I think the most memorable ones will have some curve ball tracks. A bit of everything, touching though the different genres of deep house, house and electronica, plus some classics. Blaze Lovely Day has such an amazing emotive vibe to it, to me this is the perfect sunrising out side afterparty moment, maybe even the last track of the whole afterparty. Dyone is such a cool song – and biceps timeless production make this a fav of mine – I can imagine friends dancing and singing on kitchen tables to this – just not at my house!"

Check out his selection below!