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Ase Manual

Black Liquid Electronics

From the opener ‘Rythme 4’, we are transported to a 4am club scene by Ase Manual’s propulsive beats, cosmic samples and sensual, woozy vocals. The rising Yoruba-American producer keeps us in this magical, liminal pre-sunrise moment throughout ‘Black Liquid Electronics’, a raw and immersive blend of house, techno and Jersey club. The album is also the latest in a prolific slew of excellent releases popping up on Ase Manual’s Bandcamp over the last month, which have been soundtracking the summer with their peak-time intensity, infused with headiness. Collaborations with Marvelito, Cool Flip, Rouge, INVT and Honcho Brando elevate the album further, particularly on highlight track ‘Getting It, Getting It’. We might not physically have our steamy, smoke-machine-filled late nights at our favourite spots this year, but ‘Black Liquid Electronics’ never fails to take our minds there with each listen. ZARA WLADAWSKY