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Blanc Manioc presents Nyamakala Beats #1

Blanc Manioc
Blanc Manioc presents Nyamakala Beats #1
Given the nightmare of colonialism, it’s jarring that Europe’s unforgiving histories with various nations has led to creative links now responsible for fantastic things. Blanc Manioc’s output is one of them. Born between Bamako, Mali, and Lyon, France, this debut compilation showcasing the young label’s best is testament to the deep ties that remain, and the high standard of its artists. Casting a quick ear over ‘Nyamakala Beats #1’ unearths everything from slo-mo tribal acid rollers (‘Douga’ by Ko Saba) and heads down minimalism (Praktika & Dom Peter’s ‘TamaLyon’), to bouncy kuduro rap (MC Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho) and the uniquely Malian balani — a kind of bossa nova and broken, percussive house mutant spawned from the country’s capital, and its emerging electronic club culture. An aural guidebook to a nation known for its innovative approach to musical experiments and performance.