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Book Of The Jungle EP

Studio Rockers
This is superb. Nuphlo utilises a smidgeon of tabla, a slice of steel drums and some bashy beats on ‘No Me Nah’, which is ridden by DJ Lantan from Luton’s vox. Middle Eastern funky as reimagined by Bandulu, it comes with an instrumental version and a 160bpm footwork revamp that is smartly loose-limbed and skittery. Title track ‘Book Of The Jungle’ is like an intricately percussive Photek cut from his ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryu’ era, a sorrowful sitar and sweet birdsong painting a picture of assorted rainforest shenanigans, and ‘Nona’ — featuring Nona Kalra from Birmingham — is a gorgeous wailing trip-hoppy cut. Out of this world music.