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Fully Fledged/Giving It Raw

Low Pitched Records
Liverpudlian producer Lucent has already released tracks with AC Slater and recorded material for the likes of Trouble & Bass, Saucy Records and Tumble Audio, but this new EP on DJ Spookz's Low Pitched Records has to be his biggest release yet. 'Fully Fledged' combines a pitched-down Jersey Club-style vocal with teched-out breakbeats and b-line drops to send the bodies flying round the room, while 'Giving It Raw' adds garagey female vocals, rudeboy distorted 808 bass hits and some wicked little wobble sub-licks for another absolute dancehall killer. If the furrow-browed sound of the current bass scene can often seem a little moody to the uneducated, here's a firing brace of absolute bangers to bring the underground to the masses.