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Jah Love (The Remixes)

Warehouse Wax Music
After a comedy Rolf Harris spoken word intro, the Ben Venom remix of 'Jah Love' perfectly captures the spirit of old hardcore raving. Sweet harmonious euphoric piano keys, low-slung polyrhythmic breakbeats, acid bass, T99 stabs, a tinge of dubstep to update, references to “bludclot” and “the bad man”… it's great, all that's missing is the plethora of illegal raves, so why not start doing them again!? The Sanxion remix is more Omni Trio oceanic, making use of the melodic vocal, before heading into bad-ass jungle breaks territory. The Stu & Nee mix is more helium-based and much less appealing, but Madcap's jungle tekno revamp with a skankin' reggae flex is restrained yet mighty fine too.