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The LDN Selection Plumps DJs sampler

Punks Music
Here's a classy little sampler for the new compilation from breakbeat icons the Plump DJs, kicking off with the glistening 21st century electro-bass of their own 'World Click', before diving headlong into the grimey New York Club-influenced 'Booty Clap' from French bassmonger Badjokes. Next up is the percussive trap-influenced kick-and-clap groove 'Booty Sweat' from Big Daddy, then the minimalistic breakbeat dirt of Daze Prizm's 'Struggle'. Finally, the sampler's rounded out by the classy old-skool groove of DJ Icey's 'Stringray', the moody four-four bassline stompathon of Slowbody's 'No More' and the ravey b-line destruction of Stranger's 'Take Me Higher'. An excellent selection all-round.