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Barely Royal

The Alliance EP

Saucy Records
It's a fairly sure bet that Surrey badman Barely Royal's studio is littered with Post It notes stating simply "needs more reverb", for this is a producer who seems to revel in the depth and warmth that lashings of effects can bring to a track. Here, he teams up with a series of luminaries from the bass music world, and the results are typically rich and immersive. 'What You Do To Me' (made in collaboration with Taim, and featuring LO on vocals) is a pathos-drenched breakbeat anthem that blends dark and light like a 1970s Bernardo Bertolucci art house flick, while 'Light It' (made with bassline high-flyer Bushbaby and featuring Dread MC and Grove) is a 140bpm four-four shockout machine-honed for the dancefloor. 'So In Love' (with PVC, and featuring vocals from Abi F Jones), 'Eclipse' (with Negativ, and featuring Bunnie) and 'Gun Up' (with Distro) complete the package, and the chances of quality levels dipping are about as likely as our man on the ones and twos taking his trigger finger off the reverb turbo boost button for more than 30 seconds.