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Metropolis EP

Top Drawer Digital
Not sure if Londoner Pressa's glittering new EP is inspired by the classic 1927 Fritz Lang sci-fi movie about a sexed-up robot who goes on the rampage (Weimar Republic Germany was an interesting place to say the least) but every track here is machine-honed to within an inch of its life. 'Back Bend' recalls the digital soulfulness of mid-'90s drum & bass, while 'Perdu Dans Paris' is an exercise in cultured muscularity; a classy little rave-up that showcases a spectacular knack with programmed and sampled breakbeats. Completing the selection, 'Those Rollers' is a silky trip into surprising four-four territory; a Reese-fuelled tribute to the halcyon days of 1993 when 140bpm riddims first ruled the roost.