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Left/Right Presents

In Shadows Sampler EP

Punks Music
The Stanton Warriors' Punks imprint has been slowly reinventing the breakbeat rubric for the past two years, with Texas maestro Left/Right right at the heart of this increasingly fresh and relevant take on a classic theme. And this five-track sampler for the artist's debut 'In Shadows' compilation shows just why the genre is no longer the ugly duckling of dance music. From the rinsing, minimalistic meta-jungle of Obscene Frequency's 'Rollin'' to the carnival beats, deep atmospherics and heavily effected diva vox of Cellardore's 'Can't Get 'Em' and on to the stripped back dystopian four-four/breakbeat hybrid that is Echo Knight's 'Blade Runner', there's a uniformity of spaced out frequencies here that's hugely pleasing to the ear. Rounding things off are Left/Right & Isenberg's own 'Heat', a booming kick and clap riddim with attitude in spades and a chord sequence on the breakdown that will have 'em shaking on the dancefloor, and the half-heard atmospheric garage lick that is Daze Prizm's 'Dream'.