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Evil Nine

Solar Black Rays EP

Here's a hugely welcome return to breakbeat territories for the legendary Evil Nine, here ploughing a deep and intelligent furrow that perfectly fits the Punks vibe. Lead track 'Solar Black Rays' drops brooding atmospherics, killer percussion, earth-shattering keys and seductive snatches of vocal over dubbed-out low-end and a cool sampled break. 'Dynasty', while delivering a few seconds of mild disappointment due to a distinct paucity of Joan Collins bitchfest samples, is a wonderfully washed out, quirkily atonal tech workout with shades of Future Sound of London's glorious 'Dead Cities' album, and 'For You' is a minimal 808 bass throbathon, cut through with stripped-back euphoria and topped off with unexpected snatches of cerebellum-twisting, lazer-guided synthwork. Finally 'Crystalline' dips into full-on electronica territory, half-time beats and pitched up vox combining with filtered pads and subtle percussion for a ketamine-fuelled slice of mesmerising ultra-chill.