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Somewhere Shadows EP

Punks Music
Back in the dog-days of the 20th century there was a week-long festival down in Plymouth to celebrate the coming total eclipse of the sun. So convinced were the organisers that this much-heralded solar event would attract ravers in their tens of thousands to pay witness that they booked a seemingly neverending marathon of DJs lasting at least a week or more. By the fourth or fifth day, as the sun came up and the soundsystems slowly coughed into life, the sleep-deprived assembled throngs could be seen swaying gently on their feet, the last dregs of ecstasy sliding through their systems like quicksilver; the hazy, sunkissed beats the only thing keeping them from collapsing in a heap. Nixon's new EP is music for that moment, big soundsystem soul to revive your corporeal bad self by gently reattaching damaged synapses and waking up those dancing feet. Lead track 'Somewhere Shadows' is a vast open desert of deep, glistening breakbeats, 'Equipped Future' a rinsing, atmospheric slice of destructive proto-rave. 'God's Choir' sashays between warm, light-refracted chords and the rudest of junglist b-line energy, while the Morgan Freeman-sampling 'Beings Below' dips into scattershot rudecore of the finest vintage. This is an utterly sublime selection.