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Sub Slayers 50

Sub Slayers
Jay Cunning's Sub Slayers imprint looked set to carry all before it at the height of the future jungle explosion. But while artists like Skream, Redlight and Shy FX fired out bomb after bomb of 140bpm breakbeats between 2009 and 2011, none of them stuck around to see the sound coalesce into anything resembling an actual scene. Eclecticism was the order of the day, rather than beat patterns, and that remains pretty much the case six or seven years on. Still, the label's 50th release, featuring VIP versions of some of the top Sub Slayers tracks of all time, is a welcome reminder of its enduring quality. King Yoof's 'Back To Hackney' retains all its reggae-fuelled urban energy, Toronto Is Broken's 'Spirit Song' loses none of its ethereal beauty (even at a new 170bpm tempo) and Wizard's 'Phenomenon One' is still a brutal smack in the face of a track. If Sub Slayers' next 50 releases approach anything like this level of quality, the imprint could well have a future beyond the long-dead scene that spawned it.