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Rack 'N' Ruin

Synthetic Heart EP

Sub Slayers
R'N'R is a perfect fit on Jay Cunning's Sub Slayers label, what with its penchant for dubstep/jungle/bass music vibes while still remaining in the breakbeat zone. Piano rave is the order of the day on the title track, old skool breakbeats and Unlike Me's understated urban vocal underpinning this sweet 140bpm old skool breakbeat thang. The 'Apache' break is back on 'Mindscape', one going out to the original junglists, and 'Pull Up That' is also a nifty dubwise breaksteppa that wouldn't sound out of place on Shy FX's Digital Soundboy. Dubsteppy reggae beast 'Selecta Dub' completes the package sweetly.