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Sedge Warbler

Welcome To The Universe (Remixed)

Skanky Panky
'Paranormal Ox Man' remixed by K+Lab sounds like US agit-rappers Consolidated from the mid-90s, big beats, some glitchy FX and a push-button bass combining to get under the skin of Tories. SixAM turns 'Octopus Lover' into a deranged intergalactic alien rap thing from outta space, while SlimBlue makes 'Terror Night' into a darkcore future jungle opus with Source Direct written all over it. Jiffster goes De La on 'Science Girls' before getting his squelch on, and Rocstar main man Cut La Roc turns the same original into a stripped down hip-hopper with old skool electro Bambaataa and Beasties tinges. Decent.