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Marten Horger x Neon Steve

You Don't

The monstrous, hairy Teutonic bass leviathan that is Marten Horger has dug deep into the murky underbelly of his studio hard drive, and pulled out a drop gnarlier than Satan's armpit, yet somehow slinkier than Penelope Cruz in a Dior Couture maxi dress. Slipping between breakbeat and four-four rhythms, 'You Don't' is a sinuous dancefloor belter that riffs heavily on a "You don't want to fuck with us" sample and features builds with enough star wattage to power the next moon landing. On the flip, 'Hands Together' borrows a well-worn Marlena Shaw sample (with apologies to St Germain) and combines it with fizzing b-line bravado and killer synthwork, along with a mesmerising breakdown that feels like immersing oneself in an Olympic swimming pool full of melted chocolate.