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Compilations - Issue 598

STOOR Comp 1


STOOR Comp 1

Speedy J is a seasoned Dutch DJ and producer, whose take on techno has appeared on labels such as Warp, Plus 8, and NovaMute since 1990. His latest endeavour is to open STOOR, a recording studio located in a former fallout shelter, in his hometown of Rotterdam. Open 24/7, it’s organised as a music-making hub for new and established producers – full of top-notch kit, including analogue synths and modular systems, and a vinyl lathe for artists to cut their creations. ‘STOOR Comp 1’ is the first compilation on its attendant label, and showcases a selection of tracks made at the facility. The opener, JPG’s ‘prkrsq_mmf2’, is a minimalist dubwise pulse with smears of synth and touches of found sound, not unlike something once found on Skull Disco. Function and Speedy J’s ‘hrtg_09_mx’ is a looping, acidic ambient piece that builds into an overawing, reversing squirm of sound. There’s also eldritch, outer limits noise from AnDnJ, and cavernous broken techno from CFC and SPDJ, while Subjected and SPDJ finish the collection on a high with the eerie but beautiful ‘stds_15_v2’. On this evidence, SPOOR is a label, and studio, to watch closely.
Ben Murphy
Broken Belief

Toshifumi Hinata

Broken Belief

Music From Memory

Lush Japanese synths
‘Broken Belief’ draws on a fruitful mid-80s period when classically-trained Japanese musician Toshifumi Hinata embraced analog synthesizers - in particular a Prophet 5 and Linn Drum Machine. With piano, violin and other instruments overdubbed, the result is a richly layered blend of textures whose complex moods and wandering melodies still mesmerise.
Joe Roberts
Sight, Sound and Space

Jeff Mills

Sight, Sound and Space


Astral travels
Mills has long been obsessed with the moving image. He made it official in 2000, re-scoring Fritz Lang’s expressionist masterpiece ‘Metropolis’, and has since provided soundtracking services to numerous projects – his movie ‘Life to Death and Back’ was made during his artistic residency at the Louvre in 2015, and his album ‘2087’ was directly inspired by 1966 film ‘Cyborg: 2087’. The first disc of this new triple album, ‘Sight’, finds him compiling tracks made with cinema in mind – from ‘Perfecture’, from the ‘Metropolis’ soundtrack, to ‘Deckard’, from his 2006 EP ‘Blade Runner’. The second disc concerns tracks unique in ‘Sound’, including his seminal cuts ‘The Bells’ and ‘Growth’. The final disc ‘Space’ brings together his compositions inspired by “outer or inner space, space travel and or any celestial body or life form or entity”, like ‘The Believers’ from his re-score of George Méliès ‘A Trip To The Moon’ or the spooky ‘Planet X’, from his ‘Lost In Space’ EP. It's a trip.
Ben Arnold