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Detroit Love Mixed By Stacey Pullen

Detroit Love
Detroit Love mixed by Stacey Pullen
Brainchild of Carl Craig, Detroit Love is a movement to showcase the city’s legendary music scene across the globe. Four years after their debut, the collective have set their sights on physical releases, and iconic figure Stacey Pullen proves an assured first choice. Meticulously assembled, Marcel Pittman’s exquisite ‘Raw Cuts’ remix and a pair of thunderous Burning Bridges tracks are notable musical standouts. But what feels most remarkable about this collection is Pullen’s ability to inspire the listener, weaving connecting strands, some obvious and some abstract, between featured artists, the city and the fascinating evolution of its sound to be pored over, long after the record ends. For those that have been fortunate enough to experience a Detroit Love event firsthand, Stacey Pullen’s mix serves as a powerful memento. For the less familiar, it’s a comprehensive and crucial introduction.