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Black Devil Disco Club

H Friend (Remixes)

New remixes to accompany a reissue of the 'jewel in the crown' of cosmic / electronic disco, the 1978 release of ‘Disco Club’ by Black Devil. Almost 40 years on, the music of Bernard Fevre (still avidly recording, now as Black Devil Disco Club) is being enjoyed by a new generation; and this ample bundle of new productions of the album’s highlight adds an interesting new twist. As prolific as ever, Andrew Weatherall features with his pacy, instrumental ‘dance’ and ‘vox’ versions and couple of surprise mixes from GoldFFinch and Carpainter, switch up the mood with some lively house productions. Golf Channel’s Africaine 808 drops some bubbling, acid-disco while fixes from DJ Tide, Loframes are Turzi are honourable mentions.