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The Emperor Machine

Love Lick / Sisco Seeker

Tronik Youth’s Nein label has had quite a year. A prolific 2015 has seen single releases from Daneile Baldelli, Italo Brutalo, Cannibal Ink and more, plus Tronik Youth’s album debut, ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’. The label has also been host to an abundance of remixes from the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Craig Bratley and Cage & Aviary's Jamie Paton. This time, The Emperor Machine steps up with two modulating disco cuts, detailed with Meecham’s usual production sorcery. ‘Love Lick’ is slung low, crawling at a lumbering mid-tempo whilst being driven by melodic, cascading arpeggios; but the highlight here is the accompanying ‘Sisco Seeker’ with its wildly oscillating filters and alien melody. Ace.