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Various Artists

Trax 25 vs DJ History Vol. 1-4

Trax/Demon Music Group
Ambitious project executed with finesse by the folks at authoritative music forum, DJ History. Take your pick from classics such as 'Can You Feel It' by Mr Fingers; Ralphie Rosario's 'You Used To Hold Me'; Spanky's 'Acid Bass' or Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle's 'Baby Wants To Ride' - all lovingly re-edited, re-touched and remixed by the likes of Andy Blake, Swag, Disco Bloodbath, Leo Zero and more. Highlights include Tobias Tobias & Hardway Bros. 'smacky' house remix of Adonis' 'We're Rocking Down the House'; Richard Sen's edit of the peerless 'Sensation' track by Ron Hardy and KiNK's brand new version of 'Clap Me' by Jack Frost.