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Door To The Cosmos

On The Corner
London label On The Corner draws from the Afrofuturist influence of Sun Ra to create an intercontinental, intergalactic collection, charting the spaces between jazz, dub, techno and house. Over 24 tracks, hybrids abound, as organic percussion and brass merge with frenetic club beats inspired by the sounds of Detroit, London, Niger, New York, New Orleans and beyond. Cuban-Iranian quartet Ariwo fuse modular synths and freewheeling jazz brass with organic Latin rhythms, all with a dub undercurrent, on ‘Flameback Dance’. There are three appearances from Peruvian cumbia futurists Dengue Dengue Dengue, with remixes from Nicola Cruz and Quixosis. Optimo’s J.D. Twitch creates humid trip-hop on ‘Agyapong’, while Brooklyn’s Afrikan Sciences’ remix of Collocutor’s ‘Lost & Found’ takes us right to the door of the cosmos. EOIN MURRAY