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Ingalls Way

2020 Vision
After releases for CPU, Shipwrec, Touchin' Bass and many others, Chris Roman, aka 214, lands on 2020 Vision for the first time — a label normally associated with house but which has released music by Carl Finlow / Random Factor over the years (see elsewhere on this page). 'Potential Events' swirls with Yamaha CS-80 styled pads, crisp beats and growling, unquantised analogue bass. The effect is like viewing a frosty industrial landscape from a hilltop, in all its bleak, beautiful majesty. 'Windeye' is a crisp minimalist acid electro piece, which Radioactive Man remixes into a weird, wonderful funk number, and 'Back To Sine' indicates Roman's bass mastery. To close, 'Fly By Night' is an emotive and warm missive. All together, hugely impressive.