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Second Storey

Lucid Reworks EP

Among the best albums of 2017, Second Storey's 'Lucid Locations' didn't get the attention it deserved. This new remix package will hopefully encourage listeners and DJs to check out its luminous combination of IDM, bass and electro mutations. Electro is the focus here, as Radioactive Man delivers a characteristic blend of star surfing mechanistic weirdness and crisp, club friendly beats and bass on his 'Moesha Moved To Margate' version. Esteemed sci-fi electro dreamer The Exaltics, meanwhile, creates a hard-as-nails stormer of throbbing, relentless bass and 4/4 beats from 'Ajunlei 8', while Marcel Dettmann dons his electro hat on the 'No Such Location (Negative Mix)'. Though another 4/4 cut, its winning bass blips and sense of space create a highly atmospheric, powerful piece.