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Go Nuclear

Machine Learning EP

Bass Agenda
Auckland, New Zealand's Go Nuclear firmly believe in the funk. Following 'Techno World' on Electro Empire, they let the bomb go on Andy Barton's Bass Agenda label. The title cut pairs crisp claps and Speak 'n' Spell robo voices with a wriggling b-line straight from early 1980s NYC. Direct from the old school, this one will do maximum damage to dancefloors. Detroit's Filthiest (who also remixed 'Techno World') pumps up the drama on his remix, adding extra android vocals: early Model 500 vibes ahoy. 'Exotic Dancer' is a darker, speedier number with glimmering pads and suggestive vocal samples, and 'Time2Party' is a rubbery basslined exhortation to move that completes a sterling release from a rising duo.