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Monotrax Vol. 1

The first release in a vinyl-only series for Larry McCormick’s label invites some of electro’s greatest acts to contribute a tune each. Here, the Advent teams up with Zein on ‘Eyes Of Envy’ for a menacing track with alien invasion melodies and a sample about extra-terrestrials plotting to take over earth, while Exzakt’s ‘Kreep’ (heard this weekend gone obliterating the floor at Scand X Neighbourhood) is a deadly, dark and relentless number with disturbing drones and rap samples. By comparison, 214’s ‘Crouch And Turn’ is subtle, an insidious acid sidewinder, and EggFooYoung’s ‘Bass2Large’ is a slow, funky cut with a frankly obese, splurging b-line. Killer compilation.