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2nd Sun

Shimmer EP

Tessier-Ashpool Recordings
Let’s all give a warm welcome to the next generation of noisy dancefloor electro. 2nd Sun’s ‘Shimmer’ EP is the first of several super-hot releases from NYC’s Tessier-Ashpoollabel, and part of a new wave of club music that sees house, progressive, electro and UK bass all mashed together in one exhilarating concoction. The lead record ‘Neglect’ nails this fusion best of all, deceptively techno in its charms initially, before a distorted R&B vocal sample signals the arrival of a shamelessly jackin’ groove. ‘Shimmer’ offers up similar levels of wildness and heavy bass, this time with a glittery sheen of progressive melody. Funky, sexy, noisy all at the same time.