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Interdimensional Transmissions
BMG and Erika are real Detroit originals. As Ectomorph, they specialise in dark, psychedelic electro (and techno), while their Interdimensional Transmissions label, running since 1995, has become an outlet for some of the most singular sounds within the genre. Their new album ‘Stalker’ is an intense, psychoactive experience, created live in just a few takes on their analogue gear. ‘Crawl Of The Cthulu’ has suitably Lovecraftian noises slithering over slow beats; ‘Mysteries (Of The)’ is where it gets most intriguing, a classic electro rhythm with mysterious synths, warm bass and a real sense of space. The title track ‘Stalker’ though, is a predatory patrol of evil buzzsaw bass and beats, like a slasher flick on wax. Beats for the dark side crew.