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Endless Revisions Live

Lumière Noire
Chloé - Endless Revisions Live
Parisian artist Chloé returned recently with her first album in almost six years on her Lumière Noire imprint; ‘Endless Revisions’ was yet another wonderful addition to her oeuvre of tender and introspective, experimental dance music. ‘Endless Revisions Live’ is an amalgamation of recent performances touring this LP, and much like the album title, shows how much these tracks have already shifted and evolved since the record into new pieces for her live show. Suspense is introduced in extended passages and breakdowns, while many of the pieces get a more propulsive, clubbier makeover. At the end, Chloé’s 2002 classic ‘Sometimes’ gets revisited as well; added percussion gives way to an epic arpeggiated breakdown as the audience audibly begs for more.