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Mark Pritchard

The Four Worlds

Mark Pritchard - The Four Worlds
Not just a clever title, Mark Pritchard’s latest long-player leaves Earth behind to find distant planets. And, as with any decent interstellar adventure, its contents are less about blast-off, and instead dominated by deep atmosphere. ‘Circle Of Fear’ offers delicate, echoed ivory keys, like a suspense-thriller score. ’S.O.S’, featuring the voice of psychedelic priestess Space Lady, invokes a failed mission’s funeral, organs meeting a spoken word distress call from a stranded shuttle. ‘Come Let Us’ is ritualistic electronica; chant-like lyrics, dark and unsettling synth refrains. Elsewhere, glistening harmonies conjure images of perspective-altering discoveries, and field recordings seem to originate from other universes. All of which means you probably don’t need to watch the accompanying 13-minute film from A/V artist Jonathan Zawada: ‘The Four Worlds’ aurally paints those landscapes vividly enough.