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Omega 3

Smoke Screen / Hammered Time

Carbon Recordings
We've been missing a good old fashioned rave up on these pages for a while. It's either gone tech, trancey, or quite simply gash - few of the new breed of producers have the quality to match the legendary hard NRG producers from a few years back. Fortunately the old seadog Captain Tinrib returns here with Kiwi lads Scuba Steve and Butcher Boy under their collective Omega 3 guise for an uncompromising, unstoppable and essential release. 'Smoke Screen' raises the roof with energetic, staccato riffs and uplifting key changes, while 'Hammered Time' ramps up energy levels for an acid and hoover fuelled romp with more than a passing nod to the Captain's classic remix of 'Hoover Time'.