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Blah Records
"The next generation's DOOMED..." — I don't know how they've managed it but the sick twists behind Cult Mountain have found a sound even more minimal, yet somehow even more MAXIMAL on this brainjangling seven tracker. What's happened is that the beats have become crisper, less smeared, less foggy, clearer. However what's applied to those beats is a hyper-painstaking sense of detail and it's actually scarier when these nutters sound frenetically IN CONTROL of their music. 'Sacre Bleu' is just a bass and beats but the way they've cut and spliced the beats lends massive drama to every line. 'Rotten Milk' is worthy of Strange U (praise comes no higher), 'Je T'Adore' sees Lee Scott and Trellion add typically traumatised rhymes into the madness and 'H20' has the mighty Black Josh and Stinkin Slumrock dropping hotknifed nine-bars into the cauldron. Sup deep. Superb.