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George Fields


Under The Sun
I know very little about George Fields other than that he's called George Fields, is a hip-hop producer from Dorset, and he has a new instrumental album called 'Beyond Realm' coming out soon on his own UT imprint. If 'Andromeda' is anything to go by, it should be an absolute masterpiece and I must check his previous albums on its strength, 2012's 'From The Sticks' and 2015's 'Glad To Meet You'. 'Andromeda' does nothing you've not heard before but does it wonderfully, recalling Lapalux, Underdog, DJ Krush, Boards Of Canada, the harder end of Ninja Tune, '90s illbient and '00s hauntology, but always with bone-crushing beats and a real sense of creepy wonder suffused through every second. Superb, and a name to check out as 2016 unfolds.