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Lil Yachty feat. Gucci Mane

'Bentley Coupe'

'Kinell, s'the trouble with hip hop - you really do end up recanting, changing your opinions fast to suit rapidly-changing events. Unimpressed by both of the rappers featured here in the past but fuck - something about this WORKS. Helps that the music's just NUTS, a bass hum and a trap beat and Minnie Ripperton cut into ribbons threaded throughout the mix. The rhymes aren't great but they're non-stop, at least until they run out of rubbish to say and turn into the usual Trumpisms about pussies and bitches. Yachty is clearly an oaf, but I think he's a smart oaf - I just wish all these middling-to-mediocre rappers would form a supacrew a la P-funk and coalesce their mediocrity into ONE THING that might actually be 'good'. Just a thought.