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Clean (feat Tory Lanez)

In case you need guidance, a word in your shell-like. The bottom half of the internet is just as bad on supposedly hip-hop 'friendly' sites. The comments sections are places where insight is rare, consensus exerts influence, but they're a useful index of prevailing opinion. Autotune is not an issue anymore. Never even mentioned. StupidGenius would be SO much better without it. I like this Massachusetts duo's production and rhymes. They work with OG Maco, which is a good sign. This is the highlight of their 'Gamechangers' mixtape, but sheesh... the autotune everywhere, so ubiquitous we're now reaching a point where new US hip-hop sounds weird/retro without it. There are still tracks I dig it on, 'Clean' being one of them but it's that ubiquity that worries me. Willing to admit these are the complaints of an old man but I wonder whether rap has disappeared into pop already.