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Nice to hear Pap finally getting some worthwhile productions behind his undeniable flow. Haven't got round to 'You Can't Stop Destiny' (the new album) yet but if this is any pointer, should be doozie. Massively amused though by some listeners' reactions to this Premo monster, a prevailing motif being that they can't understand why his voice is 'drowned out' on this track. That's Premo, you dumb motherfuckers! That's the way his production WORKS! We're now dealing with a generation of hip-hop fans whose primary access to hip-hop (datpiff/playlists/Youtube) have taught them that a hip-hop track is one in which the VOICE dominates and bullies everything else. Hoping the new Papoose can set them straight that it's when that voice is in divine congress/holy WAR with the production that hip-hop truly occurs! Great track, get it.