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Guap On Me

I think I'd like auto-tune if it didn't remind me of Bros so much. Y'know that gurgly, catarrh-laden grunt Matt Goss used to do? Proto-auto-tune. Future always sounds like he's juggling a big fat greenie in his throat and so all of his massively liked, massively popular projects this year have not lingered in my affections for long. 'Guap On Me' is an old track freshly leaked and I have to say, yet again it entirely eludes me why this mediocrity is being hailed as some kind of avatar of hip-hop progression and heat. No really arresting bars, no really stunning production, just a faintly dull competence all round. Would rather hear the instrumental, and if I hear him trying to flob something nasty at me again I'm just turning the fucker off.