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Pusha T


Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam
Not enough here (s'only two minutes long!) to make it Money Shot, but damn close. I find PT's voice remains one of the most compelling in hip-hop. The music here is as basic as it can get, a single bass note repeated from which the programmed snare and hi-hats seem to to flow with a truly awesome anti-groove that's so reminiscent of the kind of polyrhythms Miles used to fuck with in the early '70s. Thing is, cos it's so short, I've already played it a dozen times in the last half hour. Goddamn. Muhfukka's got me addicted like crack. Oh, who am I kidding? Money Shot by a country mile. JUST GIVE ME MORE. For all those who really, really couldn't give a shit about the latest Cudi/Drake beef, pump this LOUD.